BDR Pharma receives DGCI nod for its generic drug BIAPENEM, Well being Information, ET HealthWorld

BDR Pharma receives DGCI nod for its generic drug BIAPENEMMumbai: Pharmaceutical firm BDR Pharma launched generic drug BIAPENEM which can be utilized to deal with intra-abdominal infections, decrease respiratory infections, or sophisticated urinary tract infections. BIAPENEM, which will likely be marketed underneath the model identify BIAPEN, will likely be an addition to BDP Pharma’s crucial care section.

BDR Pharma grew to become the primary to establish, develop and conduct clinical studies of the drug in conjunction with some of the leading players in the critical care segment who co-sponsored these studies. First approval granted by DCGI (Drug Controller General of India) also went to BDR pharma.
Speaking about the launch of an affordable drug to treat all kinds of infections under the company’s name, Raheel Shah, Director – Business Development, BDR Pharmaceuticals, said, “Further encasing our high standards, the launch of BIAPEN is a welcome addition to the existing range of antibiotics. This drug will cover a broad spectrum of almost every infection and will be a great boon to the medical fraternity and patients. Firmly following the path of accessible and affordable care, we have categorically decided to market this wonder product and we will make arrangements to supply the product to the co-sponsors who will also market it under their brand name. We aim to meet the demand of every patient while maintaining the highest quality during these critical times through improved medical solutions.”

Biapenem belongs to a critical parenteral carbapenem antibacterial agent. However, reduced dosage of BIAPEN in comparison to the existing class of Carbapenems is used as it has been associated with better bacteriological efficacy. Biapenem can penetrate well into various tissues (e.g. lung tissue) and body fluids (e.g. sputum, pleural effusion, abdominal cavity fluid) to treat the infection persisting in the body.

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