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Panaji: Union AYUSH Minister Shripad Naik on Wednesday said there is no concept of “mixopathy”, as claimed by a section of allopathic doctors, and asserted that ayurvedic practitioners are also trained to perform surgeries. The idea behind allowing ayurvedic practitioners to perform medical surgeries and other functions is aimed at supporting the allopathic practice, Naik told shortly before his discharge from the Goa Medical College and Hospital, where he was undergoing treatment after an accident.

To a question on the Indian Medical Association (IMA) opposing the Centre’s decision to allow ayurvedic doctors to perform surgeries, Naik said there is no term like “mixopathy”.

“We are introducing an Indian system of medicine to support the practice of allopathy,” he said, adding that it is not a competition as both the medical practices would compliment each other.

Naik further said that ayurvedic doctors are educated at par with allopathic practitioners and

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