AstraZeneca says vaccine 76% effective for 90 days after single dose, Health News, ET HealthWorld

LONDON: The Oxford-AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine showed 76 per cent efficacy against symptomatic infection for three months after a single dose, with protection maintained to the second dose, the pharmaceutical company said on Wednesday.

The primary analysis of the Phase 3 clinical trials, published as a preprint in The Lancet, also showed that with an inter-dose interval of 12 weeks or more, vaccine efficacy increased to 82 per cent.

“These new data provide an important verification of the interim data that has helped regulators such as the MHRA in the UK and elsewhere around the world to grant the vaccine emergency use authorisation,” co-author Andrew Pollard, Chief Investigator of the Oxford Vaccine Trial, said in a statement.

“It also helps to support the policy recommendation made by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation for a 12-week prime-boost interval, as they look for the optimal approach to roll out, and

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